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About Yamba

Yamba Jewellery is a leading manufacturer, importer and wholesaler of fashion jewellery. The word Yam-ba originally comes from the Old Testament and literally means 'a sea of'. We use it to refer to - a wide ranging collection with huge diversity and choice.

Yamba Jewellery follows the latest trends, without losing its individuality. A strong price-quality ratio and competitive prices are important to us. We are aim to keep in touch with the current market demand. Suggestions or comments are therefore always welcome.

The Yamba Jewellery team has come together from different directions. Each with his or her own variety of talents, experiences and insights. Enthusiasm and customer service are our starting point. And of course interest in jewellery, design, art and details. We draw our inspiration from music, travel and encounters.

Purchasing and production of our collections mostly takes place in Thailand, India and China. The jewelry is made for Yamba, based on our own designs and ideas.