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About Yamba

Yamba jewellery is a wholesaler & retailer for silver jewellery, fashion bijoux en body piercing jewellery. The word 'Yam-ba' originates from the old testament where it literally means 'a sea of'. With this name we mean to refer to the diversity and the extensiveness of our collections.

Our ambition is to follow the latest trends but with the special Yamba-edge. Our aim is to offer brand-quality for competitive prices.

We make sure to keep in touch with 'what's happening', so we know what is hip, what is new, what is cool and what is trendy. The Yamba-people have gathered together from different places on this planet, each with their own diversity of talents, experiences, educations, personalities and insights. What we share is our love for jewellery, design, art and details. We take our inspiration from music, travels and meeting people.

Yamba jewellery started out as a travelling shop. In this form our jewellery was sold on the markets of the biggest festivals throughout Europe.

15 years ago Yamba also started as a wholesaler in order to reach a bigger jewellery-loving crowd with our collections. By now the wholesale department has become our core business.

Producing and buying of our collections is mainly happening in Thailand, India and China. most of our collections are specially manufactured for Yamba according to our own designs, ideas and specifications.